Day 5

Hike 5 miles through Bullet Canyon. Saw incredible ancestral Puebloan ruins and sat in a perfectly preserved Kiva. Camped again at the rincon.

Day 1

Drive to Outward Bound’s headquarters in Moab. Get all the gear settled and embark via van toward our first campsite. Stop along the way for a quick hike to the top of Salvation Knoll, then make camp on some slickrock somewhere.

The Route

Okay, so it turns out that it’s pretty difficult to keep up with a blog.

I thought I would write a lot more during this trip, but I spent most of my downtime drawing, eating, or just enjoying not having to do anything. I’ve never been more grateful for lightweight shoes and electrolyte powder.

Over 5 days, we traveled about 24 miles on foot. I think the day that most tested my strength was day 3: hiking over seven miles from Todie Canyon to the rincon. That distance in the hot sun with a 70 lb. pack pushed me to my physical max. Interestingly though, I remember it as one of the best days of the entire trip.

Here’s a map of our route.

2018_Travel_Utah_Route + Camps.png